Nul huller i økonomien med Dansk Tandforsikring

About Dansk Tandforsikring

Dansk Tandforsikring Administration is a management company that manages, sells and markets dental insurance products to both private individuals and companies. All insurance policies sold through Dansk Tandforsikring Administration are taken out through its sister company Dansk Tandforsikring A/S or Global Dental Insurance A/S. Dansk Tandforsikring A/S is registered as a subsidiary name of Global Dental Insurance A/S, which is an insurance company supervised by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and a member of the Danish Guarantee Fund for Non-Life Insurers. Both companies are owned and controlled by the American Renaissance Health Service Corporation (RHSC), which has been in the dental insurance industry in the US since the 1950s. RHSC has more than 13 million US customers and pays out more than DKK 17bn in claims each year.