Nul huller i økonomien med Dansk Tandforsikring

With dental insurance "20-40-60"
you get help right away
- without discussions.

  • In the first year, we pay up to 20% of the bill
  • Second year up to 40% of the bill
  • Third year onwards up to 60% of the bill
  • You always get 100% reimbursed (DT prices) for your teeth cleaning and inspection for up to DKK 1000 per year
  • It is dental insurance that you benefit from from day one

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5 good reasons to take out private dental insurance

  • Get great cover from day one
  • You will always be able to afford the right treatment at the right time
  • The cost of examinations and dental cleaning will always be covered 100% – so you get money back from your insurance every year
  • Dansk Tandforsikring takes on the risk of your dental health – doing it yourself can prove very expensive
  • Dental insurance is the insurance you will certainly need

Dental Insurance ‘20-40-60’

Dental Insurance ‘20-40-60’ helps you pay your dental bill from day one. As a rule, we do not look at history, we just pay our share. The only things we do not cover are missing teeth and cosmetic treatments.

We cover the cost of your annual dental cleaning and check-up 100% (DT rates) up to DKK 1,000 per year. Everything else is covered up to 20% the first year, 40% the second year and 60% the third year and onwards.

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Companies can also take out dental insurance for their employees!

Dansk Tandforsikring also offers various types of commercial dental insurance on favourable terms. You can read more about this under ‘Dental Insurance Commercial’. Danish Dental Insurance has several business partners, including insurance companies and most pension brokers in Denmark. Most recently, we have started collaborating with Visma-Dataløn, where their business customers can set up a dental insurance scheme for their employees. The premium is deducted directly from your the paycheck – it could not be any easier.

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*Dansk Tandforsikring has its own rates, which are above the national average. Claims are calculated based on these rates. Each treatment category will have annual limits in terms of how much is covered. See more here.

Dental tips from the specialists

We help you take care of your teeth. That’s why we regularly bring you good advice from leading experts for the care of teeth and mouth.

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