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Dental insurance that helps from day one and only gets better every year

Dental Insurance Business 20-40-60 is designed for small businesses with 1-4 employees. You don't have to take out a policy for all employees, you can simply take out a policy for those employees who want dental insurance. You can enrol employees on an ongoing basis. You are also welcome to subscribe for all employees.
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Commercial 20-40-60


The premium is determined based on the age of each employee and the total premium is invoiced to the company. The first year you have the insurance, it covers up to 20% of any treatment, the second year it covers up to 40%, and from the third year onwards it covers up to 60% of your dental treatments. The maximum amount of cover for each treatment group increases from year to year for the first three years.


For example, if a filling costs DKK 1,200 you will be reimbursed DKK 240 in the first year. In the third year, it will be DKK 720.

100% cover for examinations and dental cleaning

Even if you take out the insurance now, but currently do not have any dental problems, you will still benefit from it. We cover 100% of your examination and dental cleaning costs up to DKK 450 per year.

Commercial ‘20-40-60’ covers:

  • Examination and dental cleaning
  • Anaesthesia
  • Periodontitis (incl. periodontal surgery)
  • Root canal treatments
  • Fillings
  • Prosthetics (crowns, bridges, implants etc.)
  • X-ray
  • Surgery (including extraction)
  • Miscellaneous

Commercial ‘20-40-60’ does not cover:

  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Teeth that were already missing/not existing at the time when the insurance was taken out. This includes baby teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment
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Below you can see the cover year by year within the different treatment groups.

First year cover

Treatment group Year 1 Max. amount of cover
1. Cleaning and examination 100% DKK 450
2. Sedation 20% DKK 400
3. Parodontitis 20% DKK 1,000
4. Root channel treatments 20% DKK 1,000
5. Fillings 20% DKK 1,000
6. Prostetics (Crowns, bridges, implants) 20% DKK 2,000
7. X-rays 20% DKK 600
8. Orthodontic treatments 20% DKK 0
9. Surgery 20% DKK 2,000
10. Miscellaneous 20% DKK 400
Max payout DKK 8,850

Second year cover

Treatment group Year 2 Max. amount of cover
1. Cleaning and examination 100% DKK 450
2. Sedation 40% DKK 800
3. Parodontitis 40% DKK 2,000
4. Root channel treatments 40% DKK 2,000
5. Fillings 40% DKK 2,000
6. Prostetics (Crowns, bridges, implants) 40% DKK 4,000
7. X-rays 40% DKK 1,200
8. Orthodontic treatments 40% DKK 0
9. Surgery 40% DKK 3,000
10. Miscellaneous 40% DKK 800
Max payout DKK 16,250

Third year cover

Treatment group Year 3 Max. amount of cover
1. Cleaning and examination 100% DKK 450
2. Sedation 60% DKK 1,200
3. Parodontitis 60% DKK 3,000
4. Root channel treatments 60% DKK 3,000
5. Fillings 60% DKK 3,000
6. Prostetics (Crowns, bridges, implants) 60% DKK 6,000
7. X-rays 60% DKK 1,800
8. Orthodontic treatments 60% DKK 0
9. Surgery 60% DKK 4,000
10. Miscellaneous 60% DKK 1,200
Max payout DKK 23,650

How much does dental insurance cost?

The price of Dental Insurance Commercial 20-40-60 depends on the age of each employee.
Age Annual premium in DKK
18-25 years DKK 1,074.00
26-30 years DKK 1,785.00
31-35 years DKK 2,001.00
36-40 years DKK 2,216.00
41-45 years DKK 2,432.00
46-50 years DKK 2,649.00
51-55 years DKK 2,865.00
56-60 years DKK 3,081.00
61-65 years DKK 3,297.00
66-70 years DKK 3,513.00
71-75 years DKK 3,700.00
76-80 years DKK 3,995.00

How do I use the insurance?

You can use the insurance from the day your company has chosen to start the scheme. You can use any Danish dentist.

You can submit your bill in two ways.

  1. You can scan / take a photo of it and upload via your private profile with Dansk Tandforsikring, or
  2. You can ask your dentist if they can submit it electronically. They can do that if they use ‘DentalSuite’.

Your reimbursement will then be paid directly to your NemKonto. We pay out reimbursement every Monday and you will receive the money in your account on the same day or Tuesday at the latest. It is as easy as that.

Tax treatment of Commercial 20-40-60

Since the premium is determined based on each employee’s specific age, each employee must be taxed individually on the premium via their monthly salary at a rate of 1/12 of the premium. All payouts will be tax-free for the employee and the company can deduct the expense like any other operating expense.

If you want to proceed with a dental insurance scheme

Cancellation of insurance

The insurance is an annual policy, which means it runs for one year at a time. It can be cancelled by giving one month’s notice to expire at the renewal date.