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Dental Insurance Commercial

Offering your employees an employee benefit in the form of dental insurance will benefit both your employees and your business.
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Dental Insurance Commercial

Dental Insurance Commercial

We offer various options within commercial dental insurance (mandatory for all employees), where you can choose either 80% or 50% cover. With these insurances schemes, we will be able to help pay for around 90% of all dental treatments that ordinary Danes have to undergo. The insurance covers any problems that arise from the insurance was taken out, regardless of history – however, diagnosed, ongoing, recommended or planned prosthetic treatments (dental crowns, inlays, dental bridges and implants) will not be covered by the insurance. All new treatment needs will be covered. For more information, please contact Dansk Tandforsikring on +45 70 20 46 47 or

The perfect employee benefit

Offering your employees Dental Insurance Commercial will benefit both the employees and the company. All payouts from Dansk Tandforsikring are tax-free. This means that your employees no longer have to spend tax money to pay for dental bills. In addition, there is a proven link between healthy teeth and the number of sick days. If your employees have access to optimum dental care at all times, you should notice a reduction in sick days. This will become the most used employee benefit in the company, much to the delight of all employees. Download our brochure here

The insurance covers the following areas:

  • Fillings – (max. 3 fillings per year)
  • Extractions
  • Root canal treatments
  • Max. one dental crown per year or participation in other prosthetic work for an equivalent amount (currently DKK 5,800)
  • Surgery
  • Night guards
  • Periodontitis (coverage max. DKK 2,000 per year)
  • X-ray
  • Anaesthesia
  • Coverage up to DKK 20,000 per year

List of benefits for businesses (in Danish)

Cover of one annual dental cleaning and check-up can also be included in the insurance.

Guide to using your dental insurance

4 good reasons to take out Dental Insurance Commercial:

  • It is an employee benefit that makes a difference to your employees’ finances
  • The insurance scheme is tax deductible for the company
  • Tax-free payouts
  • From just DKK 60 per month/employee

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5 benefits for your company by choosing Dental Insurance Commercial for your employees:

  • Ensures optimal dental health for employees, which has a great impact on the employee’s long-term physical wellbeing.
  • Helps minimise cardiovascular disease in employees, early diagnosis of diabetes and detection of various serious diseases such as oral cancer.
  • Increases the company’s CSR values.
  • Reduces employee absence for dental appointments by up to 30%, as they will always get the right treatment.
  • All employees, regardless of salary level and income, are offered the same treatment options.

Business partners

Dansk Tandforsikring collaborates with both insurance companies and brokers. For example, if your company has taken out health insurance with Gjensidige Forsikring, you can add a special type of dental insurance through this. We also collaborate with most Danish pension brokers, and through them we also offer dental insurance on attractive terms. Contact Dansk Tandforsikring or your broker to get a great deal on dental insurance for your employees.

Depending on the type of dental insurance you want and the services to be covered by the insurance, different criteria apply to how each employee is covered.In our mandatory schemes, we do not look at the individual employee’s treatment history, nor do we require that the employee has been to the dentist regularly. We cover the treatments necessary from the time the insurance was taken out, excluding diagnosed, ongoing, recommended and/or planned prosthetic treatments (dental crowns, dental bridges, inlays and implants). ​ If there is no dental record (at least 3 years back in time) for an employee who intends to make use of the insurance in connection with prosthetic work (dental crowns, dental bridges, implants), eligibility for cover will depend on a dentist’s professional assessment of when the damage to the tooth/teeth occurred in relation to the time when the insurance was taken out. The cover provided by mandatory dental insurance cannot be purchased by individuals or as a standalone insurance policy.   Tax and accounting memo from PWC