Nul huller i økonomien med Dansk Tandforsikring

How do I send my bill?

Once you have paid your dental bill, you can transfer it to Dansk Tandforsikring in two ways:

  1. Upload it to your personal profile. On our website, you log in under ‘My DTF’ with NemID or with your CPR number and code. You can attach your bill under the ‘Upload bill’ tab – please note that the document must not contain any code. It is important that you only upload your own bills under your personal profile, otherwise the bills will be registered under the wrong person.
  2. Ask your dentist if they can send it electronically. They can do so if they use ‘DentalSuite’, meaning that you do not have to do anything yourself.

Why doesn’t my insurance cover my entire dental bill?

There could be several reasons for this. You may have a deductible that is deducted from the total claims payment, or there may be treatments on the bill that are not covered by the insurance at all. Please note that Dansk Tandforsikring has its own rates that do not always match those of your dentist. The costs of your dentist’s fixed services are covered 100%, but the free services, for which the dentist fixes the price, are not always covered by the same amount.

Which account will my reimbursement be deposited to?

Reimbursement from Dansk Tandforsikring will be deposited into your NemKonto. The money is automatically transferred and reimbursements are paid out every Monday. In some cases, the money will not be credited to your account until Tuesday, depending on your bank.

Can I decide which dentist I want to use?

Yes – as long as it is a dentist within the EU, you can decide for yourself. You just have to be aware that you have to obtain records and x-rays from a foreign dentist yourself if our dentists need the material to assess whether your claim is covered. It is also important to know that we have requirements for the records we receive – for instance, it must comply with the Danish requirements for record-keeping. If the record is in a language other than Swedish, Norwegian, German or English, we may also require that it be translated into Danish. You must pay the costs of translation yourself, so we recommend that you use a Danish dentist. If we cannot obtain relevant records from a dentist, it may have an impact on the decision of your claim.

What is a list of services?

The list of services is an overview of the dental treatments that Dansk Tandforsikring covers 100% or covers partially. How your dental treatments are covered depends on the insurance scheme you are enrolled in. On the last page of your insurance conditions, you will find the list of services that apply to your specific scheme.

What is an insurance year and when does it start.

An insurance year is the period of your insurance. The insurance year starts on the date your insurance police is activated and ends at the renewal date. After that, a new insurance year starts. If you have insurance via your company or an association and have enrolled after the scheme started, then the first insurance year may be shorter. If necessary, check your insurance police where you can see the period of your insurance. Please note that an insurance year is not the same as a calendar year.

How do I log in to my personal profile?

You can log in to your personal profile via our website under ‘My DTF’. You can log in two ways — either with NemID or with your CPR number and a password.

  1. If you log in with your CPR number and password, you should initially use the password that was sent to you in the welcome email. You will then be prompted to change it.
  2. If you log in with NemID, you just need to follow the instructions and approve login.

See more under ‘practical info’ on our website.

I have an implant/dental crown – is it covered?

Unfortunately, existing implants are not covered. An implant is considered a ‘missing tooth’ and the insurance does not cover teeth that were already missing when the insurance was taken out. If you need an implant after the insurance was taken out, it is possible to get it covered. However, it depends on the insurance scheme you are enrolled in. Whether an existing dental crown is covered also depends on your insurance policy. If you need a specific answer, you can find more information in your insurance conditions or write to us at

Are chewing injuries and dental accidents covered by my dental insurance?

In general, dental insurance covers both dental accidents and chewing injuries. However, special conditions may apply that mean that it is not covered – for instance, if a tooth breaks because it was already weakened or was not optimally treated. This depends on your insurance scheme and the applicable insurance conditions. If you need more information, please contact us at

How do I read my claims statement?

You will be notified by email when Dansk Tandforsikring has processed your bill. The claims statement will be attached to the email and will show 3 different amounts.

  1. The dentist’s rate (what you paid)
  2. Dansk Tandforsikring’s rate (the amount we reimburse)
  3. The actual claims calculation and payment (the amount that is actually reimbursed)

Under co-payment you can see the amount(s) you have to pay yourself. Remember that co-payment includes any deductible as well as the difference between your dentist’s rate and our reimbursement rate. Co-payment may also include treatments that are not covered by the insurance at all, or treatments where the maximum number of treatments has been exceeded. On your private profile, you can find all submitted and processed bills under the ‘claims’ box.

How do I cancel my insurance?

You will find the rules for cancelling your specific insurance in your insurance conditions. You can also read about ‘early cancellation’ on our website under ‘practical info’.