Nul huller i økonomien med Dansk Tandforsikring

Praktisk info

Claims and estimates – we collaborate with your dentist

If you have had major treatment done by your dentist, or if you have an estimate relating to major treatment, then your claim must usually be assessed by our dentists before we pay reimbursement. If you have submitted an estimate for pre-approval, but cannot wait for your claim to be processed, you are welcome to start the treatment anyway. However, we do not guarantee that treatments will be covered.

When a claim is created depends on the insurance scheme and the treatments to be carried out. This means that we can both create a case if it concerns a bill/estimate for a dental crown, or it simply concerns a lot of fillings. If a claim is created, you will be notified and receive an estimate of the expected claims handling time. If you have a Danish dentist, you do not need to do anything yourself, we will collect your dental records and X-rays from your dentist(s).

If you go to a dentist abroad, you should be aware that you need to contact the dentist yourself and arrange for the your dental records and X-rays being sent to us. It is also important to know that we have requirements for the records we receive – for instance, it must comply with the Danish requirements for record-keeping. If the record is in a language other than Swedish, Norwegian, German or English, we may also require that it be translated into Danish. You must pay the costs of translation yourself, so we recommend that you use a Danish dentist. If we cannot obtain relevant records from a dentist, it may have an impact on the decision of your claim.