Nul huller i økonomien med Dansk Tandforsikring

Praktisk info

Treatment abroad

Dansk Tandforsikring covers dental treatments in EU/EEA countries.

If you choose a dentist abroad, please note that it is your responsibility to contact the dentist and make sure that a full copy of your dental records and X-rays are sent to us.

We would like to point out, that there are specific requirements for the material we receive – the dental journal must, among other things, live up to the Danish rules and requirements for journal and record keeping. If the journal is in a language other than Swedish, Norwegian, German or English, we may require that the material be translated into Danish. All costs for authorised translation are at your own expense. It is worth mentioning that an extra processing time must be expected for foreign bills. Should we in a given case not be able to obtain relevant and complete dental records, this may affect your coverage eligibility.

For your information:
Dental treatment abroad is not covered by the same insurances and complaints as dental treatments performed in Denmark. At Danish dentists, you are also covered by a patient insurance. This means that a Danish dentist will replace a tooth if something goes wrong along the way. This warranty is lost by dental treatment performed outside of Denmark. In Denmark, the Danish Health Authority supervises dental clinics, which provides safety for patients. When using dentists/clinics abroad, this responsibility is your own. We therefore highly recommend that you use a dentist in Denmark.

Treatments are reimbursed according to Dansk Tandforsikring’s reimbursement prices. The reimbursement list can be found at the back of your insurance conditions and terms or on our website under “Practical Info”.

Here are the requirements for foreign bills:

  • The bill and the enclosed journal/material must be in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German.
  • The bill must include the name and date of birth of the person who has received treatment.
  • The bill must be specified with a bill number, description of the number of treatments, price next to the individual treatments and the date of treatment.